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, with the latest on the investigation into the boston bombings. clint van zandt is a former fbi profiler. james cavanaugh is a retired atf, alcohol, tobacco and firearms special agent in charge. let me start with clint. i want to run through the evidence with you. we have now not a suspect, but there is a picture of someone putting down that bag. we know it involved a pressure cooker from yesterday and a circuit board. we know from today it involved a battery pack. where are we? what's it all add up to now as you see it, clint? >> number one, we've got a lot of good forensic evidence. i've had the good fortune to work with them before on cases. between the fbi and atf there's probably no better lab. as jim will tell you, when a bomb goes off, it may get blown to bits, but those are bits that we can recover. that his agency and the fbi can put together. they can understand the device. and perhaps find a signature aspect to that. so we've got a forensic investigation that's going on as far as the bomb and where it went off and what it was composed of and who may have built it. we also have what y
careful throughout your reporting i want to go to clint van vandt fbi profiler. clint as well as we are getting reports -- we don't have clint yet, but we will later. roger as well as james cavanaugh. former atf agent, from the reporting that you are hearing from michael and the possible links if this you tube account is indeed linked to one of the suspects, what's your reaction to that? are you there? >> i'm here. >> what would your reaction be to the report about a link to the you tube account showing international ties to militant groups here? >> it's important information for the commander who are handling the barricade situation that we are watching and the negotiators that are probably going to be dealing with him and may be talking with him right now. to have an idea of where they are coming from from the family members in the washington area maybe from his father and anybody who knew him and the carjack citizen and they will try to get a dialogue going with him and see what he is trying to do. when people get into the modes of they are going to blow up public places, they ha
this is the final element. >> clint van zandt, do you think that was on purpose to alert whoever the suspect was in this case that things weren't going to be that hot for them, it was time to make a run? we'll see, of course. >> yeah, we'll see. does being would be a good time if he was in one place to start moving but chris, one report we had from the local affiliate was that dozen shots. that's about the capacity of the magazine from a semiautomatic pistols. so the big concern that i have right now is this over abundance of manpower and fire power. this takes very disciplined on the part of law enforcement. you want to get there, you want to get a perimeter around the area but you only want a few designated officers or s.w.a.t. teams to deal with it. the last thing in the world we need is crossfire going at the same time so whoever is on the on scene commander has got to be real disciplined right now with what they have. worst case scenario we could end up shooting somebody we don't want to shoot. >> what do you make of the atf? we just saw someone putting on a bulletproof vest? >> we have
is former fbi profiler clint van zandt. thank you for being here. from what you've seen, what can you tell us? is there anything in their dress, their appearance, their hats, is there anything at all that you can tell us from what you've seen as a profiler? >> well, you know, we've got to start at day one, al, and we've got to start, what was the target. you know, this wasn't a federal building. it wasn't a gay bar. it wasn't a martin luther king march. it was america. it was the average black, white, asian, international -- the target was america. so you have to say, who would be targeting that type of event? and that's one of the things the profilers will look at. the question is, is he talking on the cell phone to someone else? if so, the fbi and other agencies will zero in on that person and that phone and have an idea who he was talking to at that time. >> or he could just be acting like he's talking on the phone. >> could be. could be. but if he used that phone any time in that photographic slot we have, we can get in on that phone and find out perhaps who he's talking to. what's mor
be the case with these two brothers also. >> clint, they're more likely to be able to i guess the person who's trying to do the influence can do so if they're in more of a vacuum. not being reached out to by other family members. they were living in a very isolated manner on their own. >> what bothers me is they come to this country as refugees. they claim that status. and then turn and ause that against us. it's always that the very best nature, the very best that's in us, in the united states, is turned around and used, weapon, against us, by those who would do us harm. >> it's interesting, you talk about that. the family was granted legal permanent residence march of 2007, became naturalized citi n citizens on the anniversary of 9/11 just last year. there certainly seems to be irony in that. with regard to the potential bombs, explosive devices that are planted around boston, is that probably top concern for your former agency the atf right now? >> i think it is collectively for fbi, boston police, you know, collectively water enforcement is really concerned about that. to build on what
. >>> nbc terrorism analyst clint van zandt on the leads in the boston bombing investigation. >>> meet the heroes who stepped up and stood out to help those most in need. you're watching "early today." >>> good morning and welcome back. a lot of rain and a lot of snow in most parts of the country out there right now. with the chance of about 6 to 12 inches of snow today across western and central nebraska. we also have the threat of very strong storms mainly in the plains states today with hail and damaging wind gusts and also some isolated tornadoes, especially across oklahoma. out on the west coast, though, things are pretty quiet. a couple of spotty showers are winding down right now in the pacific northwest, but they'll try to redevelop later on today with a chance of some sprinkles. but really we'll squeeze out sunshine, too, in the upper 50s to lower 60s in the northwest. then on thursday more showers do start to work back in, but it looks sunny and warm in southwestern california. temperatures topping out in the california. warm today in tucson, arizona. >>> so again, while thos
it is, once again, is here. clint van zandt, was a profiler for the fbi. he's with us now. it's like the two planes hitting the world trade center. once the second hits you know it wasn't an accident. we have the third bombing at the jfk library miles away from here in central boston. >> time may be the factor that helps us determine, are there nr devices out there? you know from your experience reporting these things, many things we'll have an initial one or two explosions then there will be one time at a later position, a later location, either to divert attention away or perhaps to kill or injure first responders. with this many devices, at least three, and the level of sophistication that it would have took to built these, we have to at least, you know, consider the lone wolf terrorist as well as is this something inspired by some type of international group? when we look at that white smoke, chris, that white smoke from that first device, that could be indicative of a low-order explosive. in essence, not like the military c4 or plastic explosive we hear about. nonetheless, these
, former agent in charge of the field houston office and clint van zandt. james, what stood out to you on the press conference just now? >> we got a lot of information from the superintendent there. we know that he fled on foot and so that tells us a lot of things. we know he was in a shootout just prior to that and from an eyewitness that msnbc had on today, we know he had a handgun. we don't know of a reported rifle that we saw or we have any information, only a pistol. so he drives through the police cordoned and he has a handgun, we believe he does. but he's not carrying full of bombs. he could have a suicide vest on. that could be the worst case scenario. the bad part is, he knows how to carjack a car and i've had people in this situation before, fugitives running from us when we're in hot pursuit, they have a gun and that's exactly what they do because they have done it before. so a guy carjacked a car before, he carjacks another car. so if people turn up missing and haven't come home or something, that would be something to pay attention to. also, he's 19 years old. no matter ho
agent in charge, james cavanaugh and former fbi profiler clint van zandt. we're operating in real-time now, about an hour after this was out, people now know what these people look like, a pretty good look at them. the people who know them know that they see them or recognize them or not. they know who they are. many people may know where they are right now, what court country they come from, maybe here in the united states, we don't know. what we don't know is if it's possibly overseas. >> chris, as you and i have talked the last couple of days, this was a terrible incident was that easy for one, easier for two people to do it. now we see that it was two. they backpacked these devices in. what we find is very elaborate plans. planning goes in to carrying it out but not a lot of planning goes into the escape plan. the bottom line right now is that if these two men are still in the united states, i think within 24 to 36 hours they are going to be in custody. we've got 310 million sets of eyes just in this country. if it were you or i trying to get out of this court, we can't get in
with a camera at this point? looking at that tape right now? let me go to clint van zandt. he's standing by. clint, you know, you're an fbi profiler. a lot of this, the evidence, the technical things that are happening right now is it find out who could be responsible. and i was asking evan, the world has changed, for example, since the atlanta bombing. clint, you have cameras on every corner these days. is that the first source or one of the major sources for the investigation? >> yeah, well, they've got a lot going on. number one, they're trying to find out obviously who's responsible. could this be simply a -- i don't say simply, but could it be a lone wolf? that's going to be the challenge. if it's just one individual perhaps with no other type, group affiliation, whatsoever. is there any chatter on the internet that they've picked up? who claims responsibility for something like this? and, again, as you're suggesting, not only do we have government, state, investigative cameras, but we have all the participants, all the people watching. investigators will be trying to get ahold of thei
or grabbed by somebody, tell somebody about it. >> larry johnson, stick with us. let's go right to clint van zandt. we've been relying upon this gentleman. a former fbi profiler and msnbc contributor. also don clark, a former fbi special agent in charge of the houston office. let's start right now, let's go to clint. clint, you're so good at this kind of thing. what did you make of the new information today since we talked last? the fact that it was bbs, it was nails, it was apparently a pressure cooker. we know it was, perhaps, detonated with a circuit board. tell me what all that tells you in terms of domestic, foreign, individual, or group? >> no. i'm -- the degree of sophistication, number one, yesterday we were talking about small ieds. it sounded like pipe bombs, that, you know, by in large we see people build in the united states all the time. when we start to get into the area of these pressure cooker bombs, well, as you know, chris, for example, back in 1976, there was a hijacking of a plane flying from new york to chicago. croatian terrorists were on board. hijacked the plane, got
a moment now to bring in former fbi profiler and nbc news analyst clint vanzant. i want to ask you about this incident in watertown first. we just heard what happened that we saw at least 100 law enforcement officers responding. and we know that over the course of the evening that they were from several different branches of law enforcement. that there was the fbi, there was local police and even the national guards we're seeing military there. what can we deduce. >> reporter: well, we're obviously waiting for confirmation from the fbi as to what they have. but as you've reported at about 11:00 p.m. last night, we know that a confrontation took place on the m.i.t. campus that an m.i.t. officer was shot multiple times and killed. some suggest it may have been a robbery. we know there have been multiple chases, either foot chases or car chases. we know that shots have been exchanged between subjects and police officers and no more in a situation like this especially following the bombing in boston in these areas normally we see crime go down. because of the heavy police presence and other
profiler clint van zandt. let me start with michael leiter. the other day, it seems like a year ago, two, three days ago you, had this sense, professional instinct, if you will, that this killer, one of the two bombers, was a local. tell me how you came to that assessment. >> well, chris, my take -- >> he is a local. >> he is a local and he's got deep ties to boston. and my take was there's no doubt that the boston marathon is a worldwide known event, but unlike many of the targets, a lot of people really have used in the past, there's something specific to boston about it. there's something specific about the finish line and about patriots day and my take from that was that this is someone who knew the city, knew the region, knew what would be most terrorizing to boston. >> knew the heart of the city. >> absolutely. >> knew to hit the heart. clint van zandt, your sense now of where are we going? this has become sort of like the friday night bronco chase, if you will, in a very wide metaphor there. here we are in a chase of a person. this guy, dzhokhar tsarnaev is being looked for. where
you more headlines within the next hour, but for now, back to you. >> joining me right now is clint van zandt, former fbi master profiler and hostage negotiator. clint worked on many major cases from the oklahoma city bombing to the unabomber and now is a crime analyst for nbc. clint, thanks very much for weighing in on this. let me ask you, in terms of this individual that we are focused on, do you expect that he is wi hiding out, injured from the gunshot wounds last night, or do you expect that he could what's your take on this? >> there's probably three different ways that this could go, at least. remember in that shoot-out last night, his brother was hit multiple times, to include fragments, perhaps, from some type of a grenade or incendiary device. so it stands to reason if his brother and he were both in a shoot-out and his brother was shot so many times, he may have been hit too. so law enforcement, as they look in this 20-block square area that save searched about 80% right now, they're looking for perhaps he's wounded and crawled under a house some place, perhaps he broke i
-old and his 26-year-old brother who was killed overnight in a shootout with police. profiler clint van zandt and hostage thoeshtor for the atf and criminologist james fox and john j college science professor. let me begin with nbc's katie tour who has been live on the scene. tell us where you are and what you are seeing. >> i'm in watertown. i don't want to give you too much about the location because the police have asked us not to give too much out about the efforts. somewhere in watertown behind me here we believe there is a standoff going on. police believe they have cornered one of the suspects, the guy in the white hat. this is where things came to a head if you call it that last night. early this morning when police gave chase and they cornered the two suspects. the black hat and the white hat suspects and encountered a shootout. in that, the suspect in the black hat was shot dead. his brother with the white hat managed to flee the scene and he is believed to be somewhere in watertown ever since. just in case the city of boston put down a lockdown for pretty much everybody. asked ever
this it is not clear when police will talk to the wounded suspect in custody that 19-year-old. clint van zant is a former fbi profiler, also an nbc analyst. james cavanaugh is a retired atf special agent, also an msnbc and nbc news analyst. thanks for coming back, guys. let's start here, clint. at this point, where are federal investigators likely to focus their investigation to determine whether these brothers, in fact, acted alone? >> you have got some immediate things they have got to do and they have got some long term. we want to assure all the investigative agencies and especially the public in the boston area there are no more devices, nothing out there with a two-week timer sitting on it or anything like that that these guys might have set. not only did they built the pressure cooker bombs but told happened held ieds, pipe bombs. and find out if anybody in the area was supporting them in the activities, the investigations go on from there. where did they get the training? investigators in their own mind are comfortable that the 26-year-old was the leader, the 19-year-old was the follo
clint van zant. good morning to you. the question might be what's the next committee step in this investigation? >> well, the investigators have got a lot going for them, richard, as far as forensic evidence and otherwise. as you know, law enforcement sources suggested at least two unexploded devices have been found. that's magic for investigators right now. notwithstanding forensic evidence, fingerprints, dna, hairs, fibers. they'll also see how the device was built. they'll be able to see what the components are. they'll be able to trace those components back. we're told that these are relatively unsophisticated low-order explosive devices. richard, that's something like if we think back to the olympic park bombing in 1996. >> right. >> those pipe bombs filled with black powder with shrapnel in or packed around them. that's the type of device. and realize in this case, where a bullet, let's say, for example, moves at about 1,000 feet a second. that low-order explosive, when it went off, it would still be pushing those bbs and ball bearings and other shrapnel at about. 00
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for your time this evening. >> thank you. >>> joining me now is former fbi profiler clint van zandt. clint, thanks for coming on the show tonight. >> good to be with you, al. >> clint, tell me what do you -- can you share with us would be going on at this point in the investigation? it's very early but we know that the fbi is either there or on their way. what can you tell us that you think would be going on right now in the investigation? >> well, you've got both. number one, the fbi would have had a team assembled already. there would have been fbi and other federal agencies. additional fbi bomb techs are coming in from new york and other places, too. one of the things they are trying to do, al, as your guest indicated, trying to identify the type of device. we've heard it referred to as small ied, small improvised explosive devices. you and i spoke back in 2011. we remember the martin luther king parade in spokane. that device was a six-inch pipe bomb filled with black powder and fishing weights. he had connected that to a car starter, something that you would start your car in the wint
counterterrorism center and clint van zandt is a profiler. all of this is a key related, battery pack, circuit board, news about the pressure cooker. a piece of it discovered. so much physical evidence and then the picture taken by the video surveillance camera at lord & ta are lo, we've confirmed, it's a picture of someone putting down a black bag, some sort of shopping bag, and then walking away from the bomb site. >> well, it's been a very good day, chris, and it's interesting as we started this before the information came out, the refrain we're hearing is why do we know so little at this point and the fact is, as we've said over and over, it takes time. now, what you just described is two legs or three-legged stool. you've got the forensic evidence from the blast site. that's helping them understand the bomb and how it was made. potentially you can trace things there. the secon leg of that stool is the photographic evidence and videotape which is just invaluable and then the third leg of that stool, which thankfully is not being reported on and we don't know about is the other sensitive in
me now is clint van zandt. clint, thanks for being who are. >> good to be with you, al. >> clint, put yourself inside the office in boston tonight. >> yeah. >> where are you and what are you doing and what is the team doing? >> number one, you take a deep breath and realize that there are 60 agencies involved. some of those in law enforcement may be some type of source for the media. the last thing that investigators want and you and i are part of the media, but the last thing they want is a media feeding frenzy. we only have to think back to richard jewel and the olympic part bombing and the absolute foot race that took place between the fbi and so-called investigative reporters trying to track down richard jewel, his house, his mother, all these other things. all that does is screw up an investigation. they'd like the pro vsh yell cone of silence put over the investigation. they'd like to identify the suspect, see if we can limpg him to the forensic evidence, build a case, make an arrest, get him in jail and then have a press conference and say, we have the guy. the last thing you w
backdrop in afghanistan. they are very effective. just told we have another guest. clint van zant, fbi veteran profiler. what can you add, clint? >> well, as you know my background is as a hostage negotiator. having been in similar situations like this working with tactical teams, this is a hand in glove operation. the negotiator is on the scene. he or she will be working hard to extend a hand and allows this individual to come out. with the potential explosive device of something inside the best case scenario would be for the negotiator to get the subject to come over the side of the boat, crop to the ground so that the tactical team. anything like that. then they can close, make the arrest and then administer first aid. it's going to have to work like that. they are not going to endanger a police officer or agent in the arrest and have this guy try to blow himself up at the last second. >> we have been circumspect because there's been so much reported wrong over the past couple of days about passing things along. this does make sense though. boston globe is tweeting out that one of t
and piecing together the narrative here. if we could bring clint in, i want to bring our viewers up to speed on the very latest. an awful lot of developments in a very short period of time and it seems that we are now just able to make some sebs of it. it started last night with the shooting on the campus of m.i.t., around 10:45, m.i.t. campus police officer was responding to a report of disturbance where he was shot multiple times and killed. there was a car jacking in cambridge around that time. that the two suspects in the boston marathon bombing car jacked a gentleman and then began a police chase, that led to this shootout in watertown, this exchange of gunfire, where during that time, the suspects also threw explosives at officer. the one of the suspects is dead. one of them remains at large and police are warning the public that he is armed and dangerous and they're to use extreme caution in this manner. people should stay in doors unless they can confirm that a police officer is on the other side of that door. i want to go now to nbc news' lester holt, live on the ground in watertown
zandt former fbi profiler. clint, you've been hearing everything. my apologies there. you have been hearing everything about learning more and more little bit about who these brothers are. what kind of profile would you be putting together right now? >> well, number one, we all have to admit it is amazing to get this much information this quickly. you look yesterday we barely had two photographs. today we've got the full pedigree basically on these guys right now. and i agree with some of your recent comments. what we're trying to understand is -- are these just two individuals just decided to do this terrible act or are they part of some type of cell where. were they a sleeper cell that was put into place here simply sitting here waiting to act out. we know one of the individuals on his social networking site made negative comments about russia. we also know that the russian president is watching this situation very close because, obviously, they're going to have the olympics and he's going to have to deal with separatists who, unfortunately, have a rich, dark history of using bomb
negotiator at the atf, as well as special agent in charge and former fbi criminal profiler clint van zandt. james, clear up something for me based on what we just heard. they're no longer looking for a third person. dzhokhar is the only person they're looking for. some folks were being allowed to leave work and go home. we also heard from governor patrick people should stay in their homes. putting all of these pieces together in your opinion, do they have dzhokhar cornered or do not know where he is? >> well, i think they think they have him in an area near watertown that's a block or some houses you keep seeing on the feed there. they think he's in there. they've set up a heavy perimeter there with the s.w.a.t. and srt teams and doing a methodical search. fact there's no third person, s.e., is really a good point. i think that takes the tension down a little bit. >> yeah. >> because then we back up to the bombs around the city. they have this bomb isolated that they keep talking about they're going to do controlled detonation on. that bomb is not going to hurt anybody. the bomb technician
profiler and nbc analyst clint van zandt. clint, talk about those questions that luke was raising. how this guy was able to evade capture. i mean, when law enforcement puts in a perimeter, what's the criteria in judging how far to go? >> well, alex, you normally have two different perimeters. you have an outer perimeter that is -- you believe is the furthest distance out that either the subject could go or that his weapons would be functional. and then you have an inner perimeter, if you know exactly where he's at. and again, watching and listening last night, it sounds like that this 20 block perimeter that they threw around was, you know, should have been 21 blocks. that somehow, where the vehicle was abandoned, and the shooter, the subject took off running, he must have been at a dead run in the middle of the night, and got far enough away, found this boat, and was able to hide. and the boston police commissioner had suggested he may have been in that boat from the time of the shooting, till the time that the fbi finally took him out of that boat. >> clint, i'm sorry. my ifb dropped
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that question, we bring in clint van zandt, former fbi profiler and msnbc analyst adam langford. the author of the myth of martyrdom. what really drives suicide bombers, rampage shooters. let me start with you. from what we know about these types of attacks, are we likely to find a perpetrator or pep traitors who are alive or dead? >> i think in this case, it is pretty clear that these perpetrators wanted to attack and survive. and that may have been one of the main appeals of a place like the boston marathon. for years we've feared that suicide attackers would strike at a sporting event like the super bowl where they would attract a national audience. in this particular case, the benefit of somewhere like the boston marathon is you can slip in. you can plant your bombs and you can slip out. my sense is that these people desperately wanted to survive and they're probably, or the individual is probably somewhere today saying, i hope i got away with it. i hope i can get away. >> clint, i want to talk to you about what the people behind this may have been hoping to benefit in conventional warf
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. with us former fbi profiler clint van zandt. the governor said among other things he thanked the community for their -- for their staying calm and heeding law enforcement advice and they also mentioned -- sorry. going back to the press conference. let's take a listen. >> we're obviously way behind. it's indicative of the leads we continue to run down here and things change, they change quickly and sometimes we have to change direction. i want to begin by saying we are progressing through this neighborhood, going door to door, street to street. well over 60 or 70% of what we want to cover up there. we do not have any development to tell you in terms of that search up there. there has been no apprehension at this point. the second thing i want to talk about briefly is this afternoon, there will be a controlled explosion, if you will, by some of the explosive ordinance folks in cambridge at a house we have secured earlier today. it's done out of an abundance of caution. it's done for the safety of the law enforcement officials that are over there before they proceed with a search of that prem
'll be joined by fbi profiler clint van zandt with this latest news on the bombing could tell us regarding the individual or individuals behind it. speaking specifically on the new information we have regarding the components, what was used to make these explosives and how they were able to conceal them with so many people around. we've got the latest information. pete williams is reporting on the explosives and this pressure cooker used to make them. plus, this is just one of the image that's stuck with so many people. a man you see there wearing a cowboy hat at the marathon to support fallen veterans. his own son lost his life in iraq and today he is one of the many being called a hero. >> the sidewalk volunteers, instead of running away, they stopped and fell and worked on people. when the boston and athletic association volunteers came, they came with supplies. once you got in the medical tent, it was all an e.r. physician could ask for. step seven point two one two. verify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture. the most innovative software
for investigators. joining me now is former fbi profiler, clint van zandt. clint, thanks for being here. >> good to be with you, al. >> what kind of information can we learn from photos like this? >> well, one of the things that the fbi will do is they'll take photographs of the actual blast area. they'll superimpose it over a photograph like you just showed us to try to suggest, did that blast actually originate from that bag or was it left, right or behind it? so we've got -- we've got a baseline of where the explosion took place. any other photographs will be compared against those two explosion sites, number one, to see if a bag had been there. number two, we'll be looking for someone who carried such a bag. remember, al, that the fbi describes two different black nylon bags. if you think about -- if you think about these pressure cookers, a friend of mine, larry johnson, former cia, commented that these would weigh about 20 pounds each. that's a lot of weight for somebody to carry in that area, al. >> now, what kind of damage can these type of bombs do, these pressure cooker bombs? >> well,
in former fbi profiler clint van zandt. and clint, we've been following this together all night. given what you've heard about these individuals have been explosives, the way they engage law enforcement in the extensive fire fight, go you have suspicions these are, in fact, the suspects that police have been looking for in this boston bombing case? >> well, this could be, i think, one or more of the suspects. what we have to realize too is we have pictures of the two primary suspects. there may be other individuals involved, at least providing some type of aid and comfort to these two individuals. so whether the person they have in custody is an exact match to these photographs or not, law enforcement right now is trying to sort through this. as you probably know, pictures very released by the fbi showing the two primary suspects together, it would be a relatively simple task with the person they supposedly have in custody to get facial photographs with an iphone and send those to investigators who have good copies of the pictures if investigators of the street don't have them with them to
perpetrator. who would and could do something like this? joining me now is clint van zandt. good morning. >> good morning. >> one of the things we learned about the pressure cooker bomb is that al-qaeda put directions for building one on its most recent edition of inspire magazine. they can also be found on the internet, but neither al-qaeda or any other organization has claimed responsibility. would that lead you to believe that is a lone wolf or disgruntled domestic suspect as opposed to an international terrorist? >> i think you have to keep all options open. it could be a hybrid. take for example in 2011, a former u.s. soldier was arrested in the area of ft. hood texas, the same area where major nadal hasan committed that terrible act on the military base. this young soldier was arrested because he was assembling two pressure cooker type devices that he was going to target on a u.s. military. the way he was arrested, the same gun store where major hasan bought one of his guns, noticed a large sale of black powder to this young man. they told the authorities, the authorities conducted
. >>> it is a sad day for the family and friends of clint bowyer. they held a memorial and funeral. he was also a student at the church's school and attended service there when in town to visit family. >>> the suspect in a shooting and fiery crash that killed three people in the las vegas strip is now back in nevada. las vegas police took this video of him in you tube. you see him arriving overnight in las vegas to face charges. kevin cherry jr. was shot and killed in that shooting. >>> a police canine dog helped immigration agents recapture a man that ran to the south bay. immigration officers had taken the man into custody in sunny vale for failing to comply with deportation orders. but the man failed to comply. sunny vale police joined in the search, a police dog located the escapee in a mobile home park. >>> let's go now to our chief meteorologist bill martin. we're talking about this wind but you have a temperature change to talk to us about. >> certainly less wind than yesterday. it was windy and breezier now. but across the country we've got all sorts of weather. we have severe thunder
this into perspective, clint van zandt. clint, what do you make of this, the fact that hammer ltamerlan more talkative of two, that he dresses in a manner that would befit a stereotype of someone who is becoming religiously involved in islam and the like, and then a month ago changes his outlook. >> yeah. i think he's the one we're trying to understand. i can understand the suspected terrorist 19-year-old we have in custody right now. he's described as almost being a puppy to his older brother. his brother not only is the older brother but he's the father figure. so, you know, i got that. but for the older brother, you know, part of this, alex, may date back to 2009. he had an argument with a girlfriend. you know, he was a boxer, and his girlfriend would come to the ring and she would kind of push him and shove him. one day he just allegedly shoved her or hit her. she filed charges against him. when he filed an application to become a u.s. citizen because of that domestic violence charge against him, that was part of the reason that he was denied the ability to become a u.s. citize citizen. because he
to clint bowyer as we get down to the closing stages of the second 500-mile race of the season. there is the progression. >> darrell: we saw martin truex last year at kansas dominate that race. no way he could lose. the best car of anybody there and got beat right at the end. i'm telling you that 18 car is on a mission. >> mike: truex has come so close so many times. mindful of harry gant trying to win his first sprint cup race he finished second half a dozen times. caution is out. >> [radio]: caution is out. caution it out. back it down. back it down. >> mike: 21 laps to go and the caution waves. debris in the fourth corner. as put the yellow out for the 7th time. so now it is time for our sprint 20 to go. as pace car picks up martin truex. seven cautions for 33 laps. 15 lead changes in this one. truex has led the second most laps, trying to go to victory lane for the first time since dover in june of 2007. kyle busch has led the most laps, 150. almost as many as the whole rest of the field. and in third, when they fired the engines, joey logano wasn't even in his car yet beca
of clint bauer. it is creating concern for the police department. >>> theythey are threatening a hollywood studio. we will tell you the details of the threat and what they are saying. . >>> we have an update on breaking news, the fire started at 4:00 a.m. this morning. the owner of a house got up to go to work when he heard his car alarm and when he went out he found out the car was on fire. he immediately got his wife and seven children out of the house and while the house did suffer burn damage as you can see, luckily no injuries were reported and these are live pictures and we will bring you more details a little later on. >> we now continue coverage of the boston bombing. reporter emily schmidt is live and end fully our last hour, investigators found a lid from what they say is a pressure cooker style bomb and what are they saying about how this could help in the investigation? >> pam, good morning, you and i have been talking for the past few days how every little piece could be critical and fran is reporting the discovery of a pressure cooker lid could be extremely critical because
aspects, where research is being done collaboratively between our clint and researchers in israel, working to find cures for disease to ease the pain and burdens of families and individuals afflicted with different diseases, cancers and other types, this is something that is a beacon to the rest of the world. my district in illinois, the 10th district of illinois is home to many people who have family in israel who travel to israel, our connection to israel is not strictly political. it is personal. and the relationship we have and will continue to have is a special bond that i'm pleased and honored to be able to represent, with you being a member of the mideast north african committee, being a lifelong advocate for israel, it is a great honor for me to stand here and celebrate the 5th anniversary of israel, i'm honored to be going to israel again in two weeks with members of the chicago community and we'll be looking, we'll be going throughout the country and have a chance to visit iron dome and other places where israel is at the frontlines of a bat that will is ours together. i'm proud
baptist in waco. several patience have come there. we heard from the ceo, clint robinson. he said this has been a tough week. he said many of the people coming in here look like we peeler families, and mom, dad, children coming in together. this hapned with a lot of family sitting down for dinner, getting ready for bed. 250 to 300 additional hospital staff are now here to help treat the injured from west. he said to donate tomorrow. donate blood tomorrow at carter or stopped in white. that is the information. many of the injured have gone. it's a level ii troubles center. >> here is the full number for those concerned about friends and loved ones he. 25420 to 1100. 254, 20 to 1100. that is the number to call for information about friends and loved ones. whatever you do, do not get in your car and drive there. the town is absolutely overwhelmed with emergency responders. there has been gridlock, so we do not want to add to that. >> we need to give them room to do what they need to do. there has been an explosion in the town of west at a fertilizer plant. it has destroyed, heavily damaged up
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